Chair: Sushma Shukla, Piedmont Virginia Community College, VA

Vice-Chair: Babita Srivastava, William Paterson, University-NJ

Secretary, Board of Director -Dr. Jia Yu, Southern Connecticut State University, CT

Chair Emeritus: Rosalyn M. King, Northern Virginia Community College

 Chair Emeritus: Elizabeth Wilcoxson, Northern Essex Community College-Mass.

Emeritus: Frank J. Cavaioli, Founder & Professor Emeritus, Farmingdale State, SUNY-NY

Emeritus: Gene Grabiner, Erie Community College-New York 

Emeritus: Gerard Morin, Northern Essex Community College-Mass.

Emeritus: George Skau, Founder & Professor Emeritus, Bergen Community College-NJ

Emeritus: Paul Zigo, Director, World War II Era Studies Institute-New Jersey

 Call for Board Members & Board Liaisons

Applications are Being Accepted!
Role of ECCSSA Board of Directors
The East Coast Colleges Social Science Association (ECCSSA)is looking for dynamic social and behavioral scientists and related professionals to serve on our Board of Directors and work to promote the mission of the Association. We are looking to fill 8 positions in the states where we have gaps. This is an opportunity for growth for those professionals wanting to express their intellect, creativity, and leadership.
We are looking for innovative and creative thinkers seeking a challenge that allows you to grow and excel in leadership. We are looking for scholars who are energetic and want to lead change. We will give the right individuals, minds, and personalities an opportunity to become recognized world scholars as a result of your work with the Association. We need dynamic professionals that are interested in assuming leadership roles in the Association, including Chair and other top officer positions.
Please visit the ECCSSA website to review the By-laws, mission statement, and past conferences and roundtables.  Our Board of Directors is a working Board with principal roles in executive planning, scholarship, and leadership. All members contribute to developing and implementing our conference roundtables and other colloquia; and, can participate in the production of the ECCSSA Journal.  
ECCSSA has been in existence for 46 years, and we continue to make every effort to widen the recognition of the Association by developing into a larger and more formal organization with offices and staff.   
Over the past years, ECCSSA has focused on hosting large regional conferences, but in 2012, we changed our format for scholarly dialogue to a smaller and more meaningful conference roundtable model limited to a smaller group of no more than 50 participants.  In addition, ECCSSA in the past was exclusive to the community college; but in 2013, we expanded the scope of the Association to include all Colleges and Universities, private and public.  Thus far, these have been successful and productive changes for the Association and its constituency. We are particularly seeking individual representation from the states where we have no representation but will accept applications from all states within our region.  These include some of the following: Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and West Virginia.  Gulf Coast States include–Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.You can find the complete listing on the opening home page of the Association.
Your role as a member of the Board of Directors will be to work and support the Chair and officers of the Association and help with governance, planning, and implementation of its activities.  This includes the Conference Roundtables, publication of the ECCSSA Journal, and developing briefing and position papers for the Association.  It is the intent of the Association to prepare summary position papers from each conference roundtable theme and to offer participants the opportunity to publish roundtable presentations on the Association website and in the ECCSSA Journal.
Board members will sign a Memorandum of Understanding on a yearly basis if appointed.  Board members will also be provided with a list of roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors. Resignation from the Board of Directors requires, at minimum, a 30-day notice. Contingent Board members in their first year of service should adhere to serving a minimum of one year as agreed to on the signed contract of your one-year commitment to ECCSSA.
We expect Board of Directors members to be financially active each year of their affiliation to ECCSSA by paying their conference registration fee and their annual Association dues, even when they are not able to attend a conference. All Board members are required to attend the annual conference unless there are extenuating or medical circumstances.
The Board meets largely through Internet videoconferencing, with an annually scheduled face-to-face strategic planning retreat held in St. Petersburg, Fl in the month of August, with easy access to air and ground transportation. The other face-to-face meeting is your presence at the Annual Conference which takes place in March or April and includes your participation in an opening meeting prior to the start of the conference and a debriefing session at the conclusion.
 Board members serve a 2-3-year term and can remain on the Board, with consensus, indefinitely.  Newly elected or appointed Board members will serve a one-year probationary term and thereafter can be appointed to a 2- 3-year term or longer.
If you are interested in joining our Board of Directors,  please forward your resume or curriculum vitae along with a personal statement about your interest and what you will contribute to the Association in terms of skills, expertise, and vision to the work of the Board.  In addition, please address the vision you have for yourself as a professional as well as your vision for the Association. Please send these documents to the current Board Chair. Positions open until filled.

Role of ECCSSA Board Liaisons

The Board Liaison serves as a representative and an extension of the Board of Directors to publicize and promote the Association. The charge is largely to market ECCSSA and promote the annual conference.  Further, the role is to communicate to colleagues and other scholars the work of the Association. Specific duties and responsibilities of the Board Liaison include but are not limited to the following:
Promoting, Advocating and Marketing ECCSSA

  • We ask that Board Liaison members actively advocate and promote the mission and activities of ECCSSA, including promoting our annual conference and sharing in the work of advertising and distributing the call for papers.
  • This role includes sharing our call for papers with your campus colleagues and extending on to those professionals that you may also know.
  • This role also includes sharing with related local and discipline organizations and associations with whom you are affiliated and helping us grow and strengthen the Association, including the promotion of our Journal.
  • If you attend public conferences and seminars and other professional meetings, you should promote ECCSSA and share website information and other materials, such as our brochure. We can provide you with such literature and will also be placing downloadable copies on our website.
  • We also ask that you help with the identification of potential interested and enthusiastic prospects for our Board of Directors.

Attending Our Annual Conference (At minimum, once every 2 years)

  • While many of our Board Liaisons are actively involved in ECCSSA on an ongoing basis, the Board of Directors has now established a policy that all Board Liaisons attend at least one conference every 2 years. This shows your interest and commitment to the Association.
  • We also encourage you to submit proposals, present at our conferences and publish in our Journal from time to time.

Submitting an Annual Status Report

  • Board Liaisons are now required to submit a brief annual report on your activities during the year to promote the work of ECCSSA. This includes where and how you have promoted our interests.  To whom you distributed e-mail and other announcements about our activities.
  • This could include copying or noting in your report your e-mail announcements and other correspondence to the ECCSSA Chair of the Board of Directors as several of the liaisons are currently doing.
  • Such a report will ensure that you are connected to the Association and keep us updated on your activities relative to promoting ECCSSA. Furthermore, as a Board Liaison you are getting recognized on all our correspondence, on our website, in our conference program, and in our Journal as a reward for your service. It is not fair to those who actively serve for others who may not be active to get that recognition.
  • Moreover, for the purposes of your page on our website, your report will ensure that we have up-to-date and timely information or changes in your activities, marital or rank status or institutional changes. We ask that you send this information to us so that we can keep our website current.
  • We also ask that you notify us with a letter of resignation when you wish to leave the role.  Please provide a 30-day notice in advance.

If you are interested in becoming a Board Liaison, please forward your resume or curriculum vitae and a personal statement about your interest and what you will contribute to the Association in terms of skills and vision to the work of the Board.  In addition, please address the vision you have for yourself as a professional as well as the potential vision you see for the Association. Please send these documents to the Current Board Chair.