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Professor Emeritus of History & Honors Program, Bergen Community College

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George Skau, Ph.D.,is Professor Emeritus of history and past Director of the Honors Program at Bergen Community College, Parasmus, New Jersey.  Dr. Skau also is one of the founders of the Eastern Community College Social Science Association. He is an expert on American politics, the Presidency, the Supreme Court, and U.S. foreign policy.With a fascination for the American presidency that dates back to his college days, Dr. Skau has always had a keen interest in Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He is a psycho-historian applying psychological methodology to history in an effort to probe motivational factors.  His study of Wilson and FDR and world organizations led him to pursue research in Peace Studies.Dr. Skau received post-doctoral fellowships from Stanford and Princeton Universities.  He has participated in many symposia on the presidency throughout the United States. Skau has presented papers on such topics as: the Clinton Administration and  the Modern Presidency: Presidential Polling and Speedwriting, at past ECCSSA and other conferences and colloquies.  He also was a regular guest on the Bergen’s College’s On Campus cable television series.George Skau is co-editor of the book Power and the Presidency. He also has contributed articles to such journals as the Presidential Studies Quarterly and the Journal of American History.Recognized for his excellence in teaching by the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development, Dr. Skau is former director of the honors program at Bergen Community College.  He has also received numerous other academic awards and honors.Skau says he is proud to be Irish and to march annually in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. He also is a sports enthusiast who completed the New York City Marathon and roots for the Yankees and the Jaspers.Dr. Skau holds a bachelor’s degree in history from Manhattan College, a master’s degree in history from Niagara University, and a doctorate from St. John’s University.