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DUE: JANUARY 20, 2012


ECCSSA’s 2012 conference will include a new format–a one day roundtable. The call for proposals seeks research, commentaries and presentations on challenges, visions and strategies to renew a fragmented society, nation and world.

The overall goal of this roundtable is to engage in meaningful dialogue and seek remedy, recovery and renewal from more than a decade of war, discord and uncertainty.  This includes: broken economic, political and social systems; rebirth of racial divide and class distinctions; and, declines in the overall quality of life, health and psychological well being of impacted individuals and families.

Moreover, as youth and adults enter higher education classrooms with myriad personal experiences as a direct result of economic, employment, and other impacts, ECCSSA calls for a renewal of public and social policy, and reforms in higher education and the social sciences. The goal is to explore new and more positive paradigms and strategies that will result in regaining a healthy and whole society. This includes the creation of opportunities for the advancement of learning as well as opportunities for growth and development of human potential.  

In summation, The Great Renewal calls for remembrance and recapturing the human spirit, rebuilding, revitalization, access, advancement and transformation. This includes: transformational governance and rebuilding of the nation’s infrastructure; development of human potential and the creation of opportunities for growth; and, transformational paradigm shifts at all levels of higher education.

The goal of this conference is to seek visionary research, public policy and instructional commentaries and strategies aimed at rebuilding and renewing our nation and its citizens. This could also include addressing issues related to the human spirit, culture and values.

Therefore, ECCSSA calls for research and proposals on two paths: 1) to address the policy needs of a nation in turmoil at all levels; and, 2) to address the role of the social sciences as we move toward a paradigm shift in higher education teaching and learning.

Both paths include exploration of new and transformational philosophies, policies, pedagogy and other strategies to address the needs of individuals and society; and, to aid in the renewal and rebuilding of all aspects of our society, nation and world. Seeking strategies and solutions to rebuild the fiber and core of our own nation will also aid in the renewal of nations worldwide.

ECCSSA’s ultimate aim is to: promote healing; elevation of the human spirit; advancement of education, economic and employment opportunities for growth of the individual, nation and world; and, the positive progression of humankind.

Suggested Themes

Possible broad themes for discussion at this roundtable include (but are not solely limited to) the following:

Historical Perspectives
Lessons Learned
Roles and Responsibility
Human Security
Rebuilding Social Systems
Creation of Positive Paradigms
Role of Constructive Dialogue and Effective Communication
Migration, Place, Location and Relocation
Immigration, Race and National identity
Limits of Government
Religious Freedom
Origins of Terrorism
Gender Equality
Racial Equality
The Truth About Race
Cultural Pluralism
Conflict Prevention and Reconstruction
Transformations in Higher Education
New Instructional Strategies in Teaching and Learning
Policies and Strategies for the Great Renewal

Special Call for Student Papers and Presentations

ECCSSA traditionally and historically has been an organization that supports student scholarship. We strongly recommend Association members and teaching faculty to encourage student participation in the conference.

We encourage student submission of papers and poster presentations. Poster presentations will remain on display through the duration of the conference and students are asked to be present at their poster during morning breakfast and lunch. Guidelines for student and faculty papers and poster presentations can be found on the ECCSSA website at:

For more information on the 2012 ECCSSA conference, please contact:

Dr. Rosalyn M. King, Chair, Board of Trustees a
or (703) 450-2629

 Conference Registration Fee
Regular Registration: $115.00
Walk-In Registration: $130.00
New Scholar/Adjunct Faculty/Graduate Student: $75
Walk-In Registration: $90.00
(New Scholar=1-3 years of employment)
Undergraduate Student: $35
Lifetime Membership: $500

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