The Eastern Community College Social Science Association
announces its

34th Annual Conference

MARCH 27-29, 2008
“The Changing Role of the Social Sciences in a Global Community”
Atlantic Cape Community College, Mays Landing Campus5100 Black Horse Pike- Mays Landing, New Jersey 08330-2699

 Conference Overview
The social sciences are currently in a unique situation in this new global community. We have begun to assess the many changes that the era of globalization has brought on: political, economic, social, cultural, technological, and many other types of significant transformations on the global landscape. Society is changing at a rapid pace and the effects of new paradigmatic shifts are far-reaching and ever-present. The idea that we are living in a global community has become an important reality that touches each of our lives in both a collective and individualized way.
We are entering a critical juncture in the social sciences where transition and change are inevitable in this new period. We can examine these changes from a historical perspective both internationally and domestically to assess how these changes are informing social scientists today. As educators, researchers, students, community members, and world citizens this is an important time to be exploring the role of the social sciences in this increasingly interconnected age as well as the responsibilities that we have as professionals to pave the way for future generations.
The 34th Annual Conference of ECCSSA will explore the current markers of this new global community and the distinctive position that the social sciences occupy within this sphere. More specifically, ECCSSA is looking to discover how we manage these changes through teaching, learning, and research and how these tools can be applied to the community college setting to expand our current goals. ECCSSA welcomes professionals and students to discuss this exciting and imperative topic with us.

Call for Proposals and Papers
Deadline for Submissions: February 15, 2008
ECCSSA is soliciting papers and proposals from all disciplines in the social sciences and related fields, including psychology, sociology, anthropology, education, history, economics, political science, geography, criminal justice, as well as related fields in mass media and communications. A listing of possible themes and suggestions for discussion and presentation are provided below.  

Teaching in a Global World
-Cross Disciplinary Approaches to Teaching Globalization-Using Technology to Bridge the Global Divide-Addressing Technological Inequality Around the World-Building Cross-Cultural Learning Communities]-Creating Effective Study Abroad Courses-Shifting Demands on Educators and Students

Building a World Community
-Discussing a World Without Borders-Politics and Implications of ‘Citizenship’-Responsibilities of the World Citizen-Activism, Fair Trade, Sustainable Development-Global Efforts of Social and Economic Integration

Research and Policy
-Neoliberalism, Neocolonialism, and the State-Transnationalism and Diaspora of the Past, Present and Future-New Developments of the 21st Century
Mass Media and Communication
-Assessing the Global Village-Global Networks and Alternative Media Sources-New Media Technologies and Global Resources-Changing Perspectives on Global Communication
Travel and Tourism
-Perspectives on Ecotourism, Cyber-travel and Virtual Exchange-Deconstructing Cultural Appropriation-New Modes of Tourism in the Global Age
Professional Development
-Identifying and Addressing Challenges for Educators-Trainings, Seminars, and Resources-Building a Global Community of Scholars
Presentations can include, but are not limited to: papers, poster presentations,films and seminars. Student presentations are also strongly encouraged.
These are suggested topics and presenters are allowed and encouraged to submit proposals that relate to the theme but may not be on the list.
Presenters must pay the conference registration fee, which includesa bonus annual membership.

Dr. Kenneth Stunkel, Professor of Historyand former Dean, School of Humanities and Social Sciences,Monmouth UniversityWest Long Branch, New Jersey

About the Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Stunkel earned a Ph.D. in history at the University of Maryland, where he also took an M.A. in philosophy and was a University Fellow in sociology for year. He is currently Professor of History at Monmouth University. He served as Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences for 11 years and dean of Arts and Sciences for two years between 1981 and 2001. In 1973-74 he taught Chinese history and oriental philosophy for the University of Maryland’s East and Southeast Asian overseas program.
His teaching and published scholarship encompass Asian civilizations (India, China, Japan), ancient history (Greco-Roman), European intellectual history, history of science, energy and the environment, technology and ethics, systems thinking, and world politics. More recently he developed courses in the history of art and architecture in relation to ideas, history, and engineering, which took him to Princeton University as a Visiting Fellow in the 1980’s. He is the published author, or co-author, of seven books, 31 scholarly articles and 25 essays on a variety of topics.
His travels have included China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Okinawa, Thailand, and Laos (two years in Asia), and 25 trips to Europe for visits to museums, historical sites, architectural monuments, and libraries in England, Scotland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Greece, and Turkey.
View Dr. Stunkel’s Curriculum Vitae Here:Stunkel_Vita.pdf
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Please plan to join us at our 34th Annual Conference.  We look forward to dialoguing with you!The conference will begin Thursday evening and end mid-day Saturday.