Naming the Crisis,                Michael Niman
Voices from the Past            Dustin Rollins
Socio-Political Ramifications of the Economic Crisis in Russia, Elizabeth Wilcoxson
Leadership and Educational Reform in Higher Education: The Priorities of Creativity and innovation, Angela Bodino
A History/English Learning Community at Westchester Commuinity College, Karen Keller & Tinal Margolis
Aspects of Education and Art, John P. Cleary

Writing Creativity and Innovation in a Trans-Disciplinary Curriculum: A Global Challenge for the Community College, Angela K. Bodino
15 Global Challenges and Prospects for Humanity,  Jerome Clayton Glenn
1001 Representations: Who gets to tell an Arab or Muslim Story? Nesreen Khashan
Effects of Arabic Culture on Student, College and Community, Mary Altair & Andrew Stanek

Social Science and the Global Community, Dr. Kenneth Stunkel

Hidden Bias: The Implicit Association Test, Kristine Olson
In Defense of Tolerance,  Stephen Slaner
Interdisciplinary Learning Communities, Amy Beaudry & Gaelan Benway

Finding Strength in a Fragile World,
Dr. Lawrence Thomas

Wandering in a Strange Land: Technology, Teaching, and Knowledge in the Cyberspace Age,
Dr. Richard Cox

Us and the Other: The Social Sciences and Our Age of Crisis,
Dr. Saliba Sarsar