Ushering in the Renaissance

Conference Overview
In 2012, the ECCSSA call for proposals sought research, commentaries and presentations on challenges, visions and strategies to renew a fragmented society, nation and world. The Great Renewal called for remembrance and recapturing of the human spirit, rebuilding, revitalization, access, advancement and transformation. This included transformational governance and rebuilding of the nation’s infrastructure; development of human potential and the creation of opportunities for growth; and, transformational paradigm shifts at all levels of higher education.
For 2013, ECCSSA continues the dialogue. We call for proposals and research to usher in a renaissance-an age of intellectual enlightenment, visionary discoveries, productive thinking and strategies and models for implementation. The primary objective should be aimed at defining a new framework for teaching and leadership; and, promotion and development of a creative class of learners, thinkers, and professionals.
Thus, ECCSSA calls for identifying mechanisms for our way of return. This includes tapping into the human spirit and moving into an era that leads to creative ideas and visionary constructs for educational and societal reforms, resulting in enlightened and carefully crafted transformations. Among these are: strategies for recovery, renewal and growth; a new science of mind; transformed curricula; and, new models, strategies and tools that can result in a thriving, reconnected nation and world.
There are lessons to be learned from the European renaissance of the historical past which emerged after the late middle ages. The zenith of this period was that society, economy, culture and consciousness was transformed and refashioned by the upheavals that beset this region of the world, leading to assessment and renewal near the onset of modernity. This resulted in a transition from a dark time to the reawakening of spirit and intellect that led to a period of high productivity and revitalization.
Such a period is called for now in our nation to lead us fully equipped into this 21st century. The 2013 ECCSSA conference roundtable calls for reforms in higher education and the social sciences; as well as in economic, public and social policy. We hope to usher in a period of positive and creative intellectual productivity, the advancement of learning, and the implementation of visionary paradigms and strategies to promote positive human development and a healthy, thriving nation and world for all. It is hoped that the ultimate outcome will be a flourishing nation and world with a sustainable future.
This upcoming 2013 conference continues our new roundtable format that was so successful last year. The roundtable dialogue will comprise one and one-half days. We ask that all members and participants in attendance make the commitment and plans to stay for the duration. For the first time, this year, we are also inviting virtual sesions for those that may not be able to attend. We invite you to join us in dialogue.

Suggested Themes
Possible broad themes for discussion at this roundtable include (but are not solely limited to) the following:
Historical and Geographical Perspectives
Learning from the Great BooksThe Positive Psychology ParadigmLessons LearnedGlobal HumanityCreativityNew Strategies for Teaching and LearningUsing Constructivist Theory in TeachingTeaching for UnderstandingTeaching ResponsibilityTeaching Civic ResponsibilityTeaching for SustainabilityMoral Reasoning, Ethics and Character EducationTeaching for the Seeking of the Salvation of SelfTeaching for Self DevelopmentTransformations in Higher EducationNew Instructional Strategies in Teaching and LearningTeaching and Learning in the 21st CenturyStudent Centered PedagogyLearning Beyond the ClassroomNew Paradigms for Assessment
Promoting CreativityCreating Cultural LeadersCreating Opportunities for Growth, Inclusion and AccessFinding Shared ValuesTransformational GovernanceRedefining ValuesInnovative Leadership in the 21st CenturyBuilding a Creative Class vs. the Service ClassRestoring Honor and a Moral FoundationThe Need for a Spiritual RebirthRole of the Church and ReligionProtecting the Family Unit
The Need for CreativityEnhancing CreativityThe Role of Teachers and Higher EducationCreative Scientists, Mathematicians, Artists, Inventors, and EntrepreneursCreativity and the Developmental Domains
The Pivotal Role of TechnologyTechnology Enhanced LearningNew Strategies for Social MediaRole of the Media
Making Global Connections
Building World PeaceThe Roots of ConflictStrategies for Conflict ResolutionTrends in Global Higher EducationThe Meaning of Family as a Universal Construct

 Special Call for Student Papers and Presentations
ECCSSA traditionally and historically has been an organization that supports student scholarship. We strongly recommend Association members and teaching faculty to encourage student participation in the conference.We encourage student submission of papers and poster presentations. Poster presentations will remain on display through the duration of the conference and students are asked to be present at their poster during morning breakfast and lunch. Guidelines for student and faculty papers and poster presentations can be found on the ECCSSA website at:

 Special Virtual Sessions
This year ECCSSA offers the opportunity for a virtual presentation of your paper in video format on the conference theme. We will review your proposal for a virtual session and if selected will upload your talk to our conference channel for viewing by registered participants and members. Virtual presenters must pay the conference fee in order to be featured. Instructions for preparing virtual sessions can be found on the ECCSSA website.

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For more information on the 2012 ECCSSA conference, please contact:Dr. Rosalyn M. King, Chair, Board of Trustees at: roking@nvcc.eduor (703) 450-2629.

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For more information on the 2013 ECCSSA conference, please contact:Dr. Rosalyn M. King, Chair, Board of Trustees at: roking@nvcc.eduor (703) 450-2629.

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