Eastern Community College Social Science Association, 35th Annual Conference-March 26-28, 2009

“Visions for Creating a Sustainable Future: Toward TransformationalChange for a Collective World at Peace”

Northern Virginia Community College, 1000 Harry Flood Byrd Highway, Sterling, Virginia 20164, 703-450-2629www.nvcc.edu

Conference Program & Scenes
Thursday, March 26, 2009
 Pre-conference Sessions
1:00pm-4:00pmBuilding LR, Room 275
VCCS Center For Teaching Excellence-ECCSSA Faculty Professional Development Seminar:“Global Education: Teaching Community College Students Respect for Life and Human Dignity through Humanitarian Law and Conflict Management”Presenters: Jennifer Batton, Director, Global Issues Resource Center, Cuyahoga CC, Cleveland, Ohio;Stefanie Weldon, Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, Md andLaurie Fisher, Senior Associate, International Humanitarian Law, American Red Cross

4:30-6:00pmWaddell TheaterDocumentary Film and Discussion: Encounter Point: Palestinian and Israeli Peace BuildersIrene Nasser, Just Vison, Inc., Washington, DC

6:30pm-7:30pmOpening ReceptionWaddell Lobby
7:30pm-8:30pm“An Evening of Exploration with the National Geographic Society” Ms. Kim Hulse, Director of Geography Education ProgramsMr. David Miller, Cartographer, National Geographic MapsMr. Ford Cochran, Director, Education Technology and Mission Programs Online
Waddell Theater

 Map Making at the National GeographicECCSSA-DMiller3-26-09.pdf
8:30-9:15pmDessert and CoffeeWaddell Lobby

 Friday, March 27, 2009
8:00am-9:00am  Registration & Continental BreakfastBook ExhibitsWaddell Building Lobby

9:00am-10:00amConference Opening Plenary SessionWaddell Theater
Welcome and Conference OverviewDr. Rosalyn M. King, ChairMr. John Hutchinson, Vice ChairECCSSA Board of Trustees

Introduction of Board of Trustees
Welcome & Opening RemarksDr. Robert Templin, PresidentNorthern Virginia Community College

 Transformational Change in a Collective WorldECCSSA-Transformational_Change.Robert_Templin.pdf
10:00am-11:00amKeynote Address
“15 Global Challenges and Prospects for Humanity”Mr. Jerome Clayton Glenn, Director, Millennium ProjectWorld Federation of United Nations Associations, Washington, DC

 2009 State of the Future-15 Global ChallengesECCSSA-State_of_the_Future.Jerome_Glenn.pdf
11:00am-12:00pm- Concurrent Sessions I
Session1A-Bldg. LW, Room 116“Realizing Global Challenges”Conference Moderator: Dr. Satarupa Das, ECCSSA Board of Trustees
Market Analogies and Freedom Dr. Gene Grabiner, Professor of Social SciencesErie Community College, Buffalo, New York

The Sustainability Triangle: Knowledge Development, Technology Transfer and Societal GrowthDr. Michael M. Parsons, Professor of Education and Sociology and Mr. Alton Smith, Professor of EngineeringHagerstown Community College, Hagerstown, MD

 Session 1B-Bldg. LW, Room 118“Global Challenges in the Community College Classroom”Conference Moderator: Dr. John Hutchinson, ECCSSA Board of Trustees
Connecting Global Education with Local Education: Search Nearby When Trying to Teach About the Far AwayNesreen Khashan, Lecturer, Global Studies Program, Mission College, Santa Clara, CA

12:00pm-12:30pm – Business MeetingWaddell Theater
12:30pm-2:00pmLUNCHEON ROUNDTABLES and KEYNOTE ADDRESSBldg. LR, Student Lounge(Roundtable discussions will be held during lunch prior to luncheon speaker’s keynote address.Listing of Roundtable Topics can be found at end of Program)

Luncheon Address: “Community Colleges as Agents of Global Peace”Speaker: David Smith, JD, Senior FellowUS Institute of Peace, Washington, DC

2:00pm – 3:30pm – Concurrent Sessions II
Special Student Session: “Responding to Violent Conflict: Promote Respect for Life andHuman Dignity Through Humanitarian Law”Presenters: Jennifer Batton, Director, Global Issues Resource Center, Cuyahoga CC, Cleveland, Ohio;Stefanie Weldon, Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, Md andLaurie Fisher, Senior Associate, International Humanitarian Law, American Red Cross

Session 2A- Bldg. LW, Room 116“ Influences of Media, Culture and  Education on Conflict and Peace”Conference Moderator: Dr. Ramezan Dowlati, ECCSSA Board of Trustees
Media Bias and Religion: How Showtime’s Mini Series Sleeper Cell Frame IslamMr. Samuel Oduyela, Lecturer, Founder and Managing Editor, African Interest Newspaper
Effects of Arabic Culture on Student, College and CommunityMs. Mary Altair, Instructor of Social Sciences and Andrew Stanek, Student, Erie Community College,South Campus, Orchard Park, NY

The U.S. Classroom as a Zone of Peace: Building a Pedagogy of Peace in a Warrior CultureMs. Nancy Cary Morrison, Lecturer and Doctoral Student, Conflict Analysis and Resolution, NVCC and George Mason University

Session 2B-Bldg. LW Room 118“Role and Future of the Knowledge Economy, Race,Ethnicity and Human Development”Conference Moderator: Ms. Carolyn Coulter, ECCSSA Board of Trustees
The Early American Intelligence Testing Movement: Historical Background and Impacts on Race and Ethnicity” Dr. Gene Grabiner, Professor of  Social SciencesErie Community College, Buffalo, New York

“Do Racial and Ethnic Differences Help or Impede Our Move toward a Sustainable and Peaceful Future?”Dr. Ramezan Dowlati, Associate Professor of Psychology and StudentsNorthern Virginia Community College, Loudoun Campus

Cultures and Perception of Albino in Africa: The Necessity of a Behavioral Transformation for a Sustainable Human DevelopmentMr. Djatou Medard, Doctoral Student in Anthropology, University of Yaounde I, Cameroon, Africa
3:30pm-3:45pm-BREAKPublisher’s Book ExhibitsWaddell Building Lobby
3:45pm-5:15pm- Concurrent Sessions III
Session 3A-Bldg. LW,  Waddell Theater“Professional Development for Faculty and Administrators: Sustainability Education and Partnerships”Conference Moderator: Dr. Rosalyn M. King, ECCSSA Board of Trustees
A National Commitment to Peace: How the US Institute of Peace Contributes to Global Peace and SecurityMr. David J. Smith, Senior Program Officer, Education and Training Center, US Institute of Peace, Wash. DC

How Can you Become a Fulbrighter?Dr. Andy Riess, Director, American Scholars Program, Council for International Exchange of Scholars, Wash. DC; Dr.Thomas W. Edison, Professor of World Languages and Dr.John Sagi, Professor of Business Management,Fulbright Scholar Grantees, Anne Arundel Community College

Session 3B- Bldg. LW, Room 118“Obstacles to Global Communication, Collective Peace and a World Without Borders”Conference Moderator: Mr. John Hutchinson, ECCSSA Board of Trustees
The Importance of Nonverbal Behavior in Intercultural CommunicationDr. Joy Stratton, Assistant Professor of Psychology, NVCC-Loudoun

The Psychology of TerrorismMs. Kymberly Richard, Adjunct Faculty, Psychology

Session 3C- Bldg. LW, Waddell Theater“Student Perspectives on Globalization and Sustainability”Conference Moderator: Dr. Michael Parsons,  ECCSSA Board of Trustees
Ethics and Sustainability: A Foundational GestaltMr. Richard Stevenson, Student, Hagerstown CC and Mr. Charles Stevenson, Student, Salisbury University

 The Terrorist WarMs. Aubrey Rositano and Ms. Amanda Daily, Students, Northern Virginia CC, Loudoun CampusThe Terrorist War-Rositano & Daily

 A Comparison of Cultural Influences on Adolescence: Lifestyles, Behaviors, and Values in the United States and the Middle EastMs. Syeda Abbas, Mr. Gabriel Camacho, Ms. Marika Heinicke, Mr. Michael Mattar, Ms. Lauren Moreland, Ms. Megan Packard, Ms. Ashley Powers,Mr. Oscar Ramos, Ms. Julia Rosenthal and Ms. Sangha Sarbjit, Students, Northern Virginia CC, Loudoun Campus
Comparison of Cultures-US & Middle East

 The Cause and Effect of Victimization Induced by Terrorist Acts in the Education SystemMs. Rachel Cameron, Ms. Linh Dang and Ms. Marian Karol, Students, Northern Virginia CC, Loudoun Campus
Terrorism in Education-Cameron & Dang

 6:30pm-Reception & Dinner Banquet(with Cash Bar at the Exclusive)Belmont Country Club19661 Belmont Manor LaneAshburn, VA 20147703-723-5349

Banquet Address: “The Future of Homeland Security: Implications for Global Sustainability andthe Work of the Community College”Speaker: Dr. David Heyman, Director and Senior Fellow, Homeland Security Program,Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC

 Saturday, March 28, 2009
8:00am-9:00am-  Registration & Continental BreakfastSpecial Roundtable Breakfast with Debra RoweWaddell Building Lobby

9:00am-10:30- Concurrent Sessions IV
Session 4A- Bldg. LW, Room 116“Conservation: An Aspect of Sustainability”Conference Moderator: Mr. John Hutchiinson,  ECCSSA  Board of Trustees
Ecotourism: A Boost to Conservation EffortsDr. Barbara Crain, Assistant Professor of Geography, NVCC-Loudoun

The City and Self-Sustenance: Perspectives on the Future of Urban FarmingMs. Carolyn Coulter, Assistant Professor of Social Science, Atlantic Cape Community College, Mays Landing, NJ

Session 4B-Bldg. LW, Room 118“Strategies for Raising Sustainability Awareness”Conference Moderator: Dr. Rosalyn King,  ECCSSA Board of Trustees
Writing Creativity and Innovation in a Transdisciplinary Curriculum: A Community College Challenge in a Global CenturyDr. Angela K. Bodino, Professor of English, Raritan Valley Community College, Somerville, New Jersey

Integrating Economic Sustainability Issues in Principles of Economics CoursesDr. Satarupa Das, Associate Professor of Economics, Montgomery College, Takoma Park, MD

10:30-10:45 BREAK
10:45-12:30- Plenary Session-PanelWaddell Theater
“The Issue is the Future: Looking Forward to Global Sustainability”

Panelists:Mr. Jerome Clayton Glenn, Moderator(Director, The Millennium Project, World Federation of United Nations Associations)
Mr. David Smith, JD (U.S. Institute of Peace)
Dr. Stephen Steele, Applied Sociologist(Futures Institute, Anne Arundel CC)
 The Issue is the Future: Looking Forward to Global SustainabilityECCSSA_15_Challenges_final.Steven_Steele.pdf
Dr. Debra Rowe, Business Ecology, Energy and Psychology(U.S. Partnership for Education for Sustainable Development and Oakland Community College)

Closing Remarks
 LunchEat In or Pack and Go

 Luncheon Roundtables:“Trends in Anthropology”(Carolyn Coulter, Assistant Professor of Social Science, Atlantic Cape Community College)
“Financial Aid for Community College Students”(Clint Young, Financial Aid Officer, NVCC-Loudoun)
“Collective Conscience”(Dr. Michael Parsons, Professor of Education and Sociology, Hagerstown Community College)
“Reading Globally”(Ms. Linda Simmons, Professor of History, and Dr. Laura Bhadra, Economics, NVCC-Manassas )
“Cross-Cultural Communication”(Dr. Joy Stratton, Assitant Professor of Psychology, NVCC-Loudoun)
“Incorporating Global Education in Writing Across the Curriculum”(Dr. Angela Bodino, Professor of English, Raritan Community College)
“Causes and Consequences of Terroism”(Mr. John Hutchinson, Professor of Sociology and Director of Service LearningCommunity College of Baltimore County, Essex Campus)
“On Becoming World Citizens”(Dr. Rosalyn M. King, Professor of Psychology & Chair, VCCS Center for Teaching Excellence, NVCC-Loudoun)
“Transformations in Geography Education”(Dr. Barbara Crain, Assistant Professor of Geography, NVCC-Loudoun)
“Economic Development, Poverty and Health”(Dr. Satarupa Das, Associate Professor of Economics, Montgomery College)

Poster Presentations:
“Access to Education for African-Americans and the Resulting Economic Impacts:  A Timeline”Cherlan M. Dearing, Student, NVCC-Loudoun
“Economic Consequences of Poverty, Health, Education and Gender Inequalities” Reem Alriyati, Latoya Lesane, Nadia Terrell and Franchesca Valcarcel, Students, NVCC-Loudoun
“El Salvador’s Gangs”Cristina Dinger, Student, NVCC-Loudoun
“Global Sustainability and Non-profit Partnering”Jim Gross, Student, NVCC-Loudoun
“Internet Addiction”Fauzia Seyyed, Student, NVCC-Loudoun
“New WorldQuest: A Game to Promote Global Understanding”Dr. Rosalyn M. King, Professor of Psychology, NVCC-Loudoun
“On Becoming a World Citizen”Dr. Rosalyn M. King, Professor of Psychology, NVCC-Loudoun

Videos on Global Issues
Short video clips will be shown during breaks, between sessions and at the end of each day, through out the conference in LW 113.
Boy Soldiers in Liberia, Africa
Celebrate What’s Right with the World
Child Soldiers and Peacemakers
Children in China with Iodine Deficiency
Community Support Groups in Asia, Africa and South America
Excising Female Genitals: A tradition in Burkina Faso
Facing the Future: Critical Thinking on Global Sustainability
God Grew Tired of Us: Lost Boys from tyhe Sudan Forced to Leave Homeland(90 Minutes-End of Day Viewing Only)
Ishmael Beah’s Memoir: Long Way Gone
Low Birth Weight in India
Malnutrition and Children in Nepal
Martin Luther King, Jr.–I Have a Dream
Racism in America
The Wisdom of Generations: Boys’ and Girls’ Initiations among the Chokwe and Related Peoples

Download Conference Program in PDF Here:ECCSSA 2009-Conference Program

For more information, contact:Dr. Rosalyn M. King, Conference Chairat roking.nvcc.edu(703) 450-2629